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Tangora CMS Highlight

Landing page gives a quick overview

While I was User Interface Designer at Tangora, we created a landing page serving as a hub in the CMS and providing the user with useful information, personalized shortcuts, recently viewed pages as well as news and helpful tips & tricks.

My contribution included mockups, icon design and close collaboration with developers during implementation.

Tangora dashboard

Tangora CMS Highlight

More visual and "human-friendly" settings

When editing visual objects like tables, visual tools are appropriate. Thus we worked to get from a very "technical" user interface to a more "human-friendly" experience using helpful presets, big (almost tactile) button toggles with illustrative icons and the concatenation of settings; e.g. merging border and lattice styles.

Table editor before
Table editor before redesign
Table editor
Table editor after redesign

Tangora CMS Highlight

Consistent user interfaces for improved learnability

We ensured visual and behavioural consistency across several editors and dialogs to improve recognizability and learnability.

Border editor
Border editor
Image properties 2
Effects editor
Image properties 1
Image properties, tab 1
Image properties 2
Image properties, tab 2
Andreas proved a valuable team member for improving the User Experience of our main product (Tangora CMS). Andreas created UI concepts, user flow charts, interactive mock-ups and did field testing all of which contributed to the significant advances in the User Experience of Tangora CMS 6.

— Martin Heltborg, Founder/Owner and Development Manager, Tangora Software

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