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Hi, I'm Andreas G. Ibsen (agib), a User Experience (UX) and Front-end Designer from Copenhagen, DK • Contact

This site is about designing better experiences for people when we use digital products such as apps, websites and beyond:

  • The blog explores actual user interface designs and user experience (UX) design ideas for myself to learn —and share with peers— what works and how things can be improved.
  • The portfolio presents select cases of my paid work as well as a number of spare time design projects.

I'm a User Experience and Front-end Designer with 7+ years professional experience

I work as UX Specialist and Front-end Developer at Chymeia – a provider of software tools and consultant services for chemical management and safety data sheets creation.

I have several years of experience designing for (web-based) business/utility applications and hand-crafting responsive websites and advanced app prototypes – not to mention developing (custom) HTML/CSS frameworks and templates.

  Resume on LinkedIn

From 2013 to 2017, I worked as

Interaction Designer and UX Specialist at KMD XForm

Over the years, Andreas has successfully designed or redesigned the user experience of a range of web apps and key features in KMD XForm, our standard platform toolset for creating and operating advanced government-grade web form solutions.

When needed, Andreas has been involved in a number of client projects such as Arbejdstilsynet, Sundhedsdatastyrelsen and Udbetaling Danmark under ATP.

Andreas stands out from most other UX designers by having a technical understanding allowing him to not only take part in implementation, but also helping with input on UI design feasibility and maintainability.

He has my highest recommendations.

— Kim W. Østergaard, former Lead Product Manager, KMD XForm


In case you are unfamiliar with the core concepts of this site, here are some definitions.

User Experience Design (UX)

The field of user experience represents an expansion and extension of the field of usability, to include the holistic perspective of how a person feels about using a system. The focus is on pleasure and value as well as on performance. The exact definition, framework, and elements of user experience are still evolving.
— Excerpt from Wikipedia entry on User Experience

Interaction Design

In some views a subset of UX Design.

… interaction design — the practice of designing interactive digital products, environments, systems, and services. … interaction design focuses on … the design of behaviour.
— Alan Cooper et al in the book "About Face", 4th edition

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