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Advanced prototyping in code

The video demonstrates an advanced prototype I created while working as UX Specialist at KMD.
In collaboration with other designers I explored a concept for the next generation KMD XForm web forms editor: How could we design an easy-to-use tool capable of creating responsive forms for multiple target platforms in one go?
I did all prototype development using tools such as HTML/CSS/preprocessors, Bootstrap, JavaScript frameworks and static site generators.

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I have designed for clients, products and platforms such as

KMD XForm – web form solutions KMD WorkZone – enterprise content management system Borger.dk Virk.dk ATP/Udbetaling Danmark Arbejdstilsynet Arbejdsmarkedets Erhvervssikring Sundhedsdatastyrelsen Tangora CMS – web content management system Various small businesses (responsive websites)

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Scrapbook-like blog posts with digital design tips, tricks, ideas, critiques, HTML/CSS-snippets and more.

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