As you can see from the dates of my blog posts, I haven't published anything for years (until now...).

So why is that?

The last few years I have deliberately tried to stay away from the keyboard in my spare time. One reason is to avoid physical overload and injuries to my arms, hands and neck from too much computer work.

Another reason is to avoid burnout. As much as I love (improving at) designing and hand-crafting digital user experiences, I have been feeling the need to take time off proper, when returning from the office (or the home office during Covid-19).

Previously I would have dug deep into a lot of side projects at night, but over that last few years I have been professionally fulfilled and sufficiently challenged at my day job, so it would simply be too mentally taxing to also work with related topics outside office hours.

So, what have I been doing instead?

Apart from spending time with my family and friends IRL, I have been learning how to cook (more) delicious (vegetarian) dishes.

And not least have I been spending quite a lot of time on my other big passion: Bicycles! Researching them, buying them, riding them, reparing them, REPEAT. That's a great way to get away from the computer screen, by the way.

So, will I be posting more frequently from now on? Most likely not, since I recently became a father... ;) <3



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