Website — 2018

Årslev ved Randers

I designed and implemented this website for a small village with a special meaning to me. The brief was a simple, straightforward and informational little site serving both residents and visitors. The site should feel less 'dense' and more inviting than the average small-town site. The result is an image-rich site, with a flat structure, designed in the browser and handbuilt using Kirby CMS for an easily tailored admin experience.

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Website — 2016 style guide

The style guide of this very website. To ensure a consistent, usable design and proper reuse of components, I built this style guide as part of the process of rebuilding The individual style guide pages are created using Harp partials and rendered first visually and next as their HTML source code for quick reference.

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Website — 2016

This very website: Designed by yours truly to provide design professionals and others with bits and pieces & tips and tricks about User Experience and Interface Design. Handcrafted using HTML/CSS (Less), Harp static site generator and Sublime Text 3 code editor.

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Website — 2015


How can a small, rather old website be refreshed and brought into the responsive age while improving utility and effectiveness for users? Hint: Using zebra-striped 'action points'; By duplicating main navigation both top and bottom on mobile. And by generally cutting back on inefficient 'embellishments'.

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