prototype — 2018

KMD Ballerup Maps

This fully functional responsive prototype helps employees at KMD headquarters find their way to conference rooms – as an 'MVP' alternative to separate PDF ground plans buried deep inside the intranet. It's a collaboration between myself and a few UX colleagues of mine, in particular Jakob V. Christoffersen who had the original idea and contributed some of the maps and general input throughout the process. I programmed the prototype in HTML/CSS/JS and elaborated on the idea and added features such as search and deep-linking to individual conference rooms for easy sharing.

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prototype — 2017


On my own initiative, I created this one-page prototype for the startup Vivera, which operates in the coaching/supervision business. The page is divided into multiple sections such as Services, About, Prícing and Contact.
I presented the design to the business owners, who liked many of my ideas.
The prototype is created using Harp static site generator and CSS framework.

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prototype — 2016

KMD Maps

Building upon the general idea and prototype work of a UX colleague of mine, I extended his work and created this prototype for locating conference/meeting rooms in my office building.
The maps are created as SVGs in Affinity Designer and the 'webapp' is created using the Zurb Foundation frontend framework and Panini flat file compiler.

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prototype — 2016

UX Resources

When working within UX, there are a lot of tools, methods, pattern libraries and stuff to keep track of. The existing resource repositories didn't provide a to-the-point listing of resources, so I decided to create my own.
It is organized with a few general categories and a tag system. Users can suggest edits and additions via a simple integration.

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website — 2016 style guide

The style guide of this very website. To ensure a consistent, usable design and proper reuse of components, I built this style guide as part of the process of rebuilding The individual style guide pages are created using Harp partials and rendered first visually and next as their HTML source code for quick reference.

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website — 2016

This very website: Designed by yours truly to provide design professionals and others with bits and pieces & tips and tricks about User Experience and Interface Design. Handcrafted using HTML/CSS (Less), Harp static site generator and Sublime Text 3 code editor.

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